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There is no authentic equity, but would be more equitable in online learning environment

As we all know, there is no absolutely equity, especially in education environment, there never was and possibly never will be. However, gradually, online education environment is getting better and better in many ways.   Accessibility Equity When we discuss… Continue Reading →

Equality and Accessibility in Distributed & Open Learning

Accessibility First of all, we have been fully participated in universal design for learning last year, I found that UDL is much easier to be implemented with online instruction, compare with traditional face to face manner. Apparently, online education enables… Continue Reading →

The role of Constructivism in the four theories

Topic 2:the history and learning theory to support open and distributed (online) learning contexts.¬†     Based on the four theories of learning, Behaviourism, Cognitivism, Constructivism, Social-Constructivism. it is hard to deny that constructivism fits my online learning manner most,… Continue Reading →

E-learning’s safety and quality

Introductions, Privacy, and Building Relationships & Social Interactions in Distributed & Open Learning Environments- EDCI339 blog1 In 2020, needless to say, face-to-face education has been totally changed by COVID-19. Even if in most of countries, they have continued face-to-face education… Continue Reading →

EDCI 339 Test Post

This post¬† will appear in a few places: in the blog feed on the front of your website; in the ‘Distributed and Open’ menu on your website. This is because we have applied the “edci339” category to this post and… Continue Reading →

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